Things that happen at work

I found a part-time summer job as a child attendant/front desk attendant at a gym. Let the hilarity flow.

  1.  There was an elderly gentleman who once complained about the type of music.  “Can’t you change the CD? I’ve been coming here for (x) years, and it’s always the same woman at the same time, and I’m SICK OF IT!”  Then I asked if he had something in mind he would like us to play, and he said no, that he didn’t want to impose his music tastes on everyone else, but he did think it would be beneficial to the whole gym to get a new soundtrack.
  2. There was the day when I was doing the “collection calls”–you know what I mean–and one guy who picked up started ranting at me when I finished speaking and I got him to shut up by saying that I had been working there for only three days and this was something I was assigned to do.
  3. There’s this one baby that really hates me–she’s 6 months old, and pretty cute, and so she’s got almost every other babysitter wrapped around her fingers, so to speak.  Well, I’m not so easily impressed.  The first time I had her, she was fussing and since it was more important to ensure the other kids were not going to hurt themselves or damage the toys in that moment, I ignored her. After grating on the ears of everyone in the room and spitting up a couple times on her blanket, she finally stopped.  The second time I had her, I refused to hold her and I sat in front of her and made her attempt to crawl toward me.  She couldn’t figure out how to move her legs, and started bawling, but I wasn’t giving in.  But then, another person heard her screaming her bloody lungs out and came and picked her up.  Which calmed her down.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.  I wanted to see if she would figure out how to use her legs. And then, the third time I had her, both her mom and dad brought her in in a car seat, and she was sleeping, and since I didn’t have any other kids, I was like, “Yes! I can sit in here and do Korean homework!”  And then, her parents woke her up, because they wanted her to go to sleep later that night. (imagine my disappointment).
  4. And then, today, TWO brand-new hires came in ON THE SAME DAY, so the front desk was full for training them. And we were organizing the janitor’s closet, so there were some flat, new boxes.  I looked for tape in the supply closet, didn’t see any, was told by someone else to check the janitor closet, didn’t find any, then asked the manager, who just walked in from taking a phone call.  The manager turned to the person standing by the supply closet and asked her to look for tape there.  About ten minutes later, the brand new hire went to the janitor closet to look for tape because the manager told him to look there.  What, does he think we’re idiots? We are only asking him because we have exhausted all the glaringly obvious possibilities and we need higher-level guidance.

I’m sure there will be more, but that’s all for now.


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