The deified customer

There’s this mindset in Japan that “the customer is god”. Retail workers and shop keepers bend over backward to make sure the customer is happy. I think this is a good model to follow, so I keep it in mind.

But it’s hard to remember that the customer is god when the customer asks stupid questions. And, if the customer is god, why are they asking us for supernatural acts to grant specific wishes?

We just remodeled and got rid of a lot of equipment, as well as re-arrange a lot of old equipment.  One guy asked me where the bicep curl machine was, and after doing a walk through with him and not seeing it, I suggested he might use a free weight.  He then looked at me like I was crazy.  Someone else asked me for a squat machine.  I didn’t even know those existed…

And then there was the lady who thought we might offer a discount on the monthly payment since we were closed for three days.  Out of a 30 day month, three days.  Think of it as paying for February.  (But I didn’t say that out loud.)


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