Chivalry–a lost art?

Real Guy!

I was in Yosemite with my International Student Fellowship club, and one of our friends, Morgane (France), was hiking, but she was having a problem with her shoulders or something, so Ulises (Spain) carried her backpack for her.  Ulises is not dating Morgane, he just understands the art of chivalry.

Ulises is really amazing.  He accompanies his girlfriend to wait in the train station when she goes out of town. He knows how to cook, coming early sometimes to help with meal prep on Friday nights.  He talks to his parents and his girlfriend every day.  He took note of his girlfriend’s favorite dessert, made it, cut it in squares, then tied it in a napkin and dropped one piece on her windowsill every day for the week before her birthday, or a long trip, (or something important).  He’s a mechanical engineering major with a 3.8 GPA. He speaks Spanish, English, and French.

And while Ulises is currently ranked #1 in my ranking of other people’s boyfriends, I’ve seen and heard some other eye-opening stories.  Like one of my previous roommate’s boyfriends walking my roommate home in the rain, while his dorm was a good forty minutes away by walking and by subway and on top of at least 300 stairs. Another friend of mine got sick and her boyfriend brought soup to her in the dorm, along with some other care package stuff. And you remember my very first roommate ever, right? I asked her what she liked about him and she answered that he knew how to respect women and treat them well.

To me, these ideas of chivalry seem like something I would only read in a book. I meet people like Ulises and I marvel that this kind of person exists ex libris.

Probably my mom and dad will also be amazed, but less shocked than me.  After all, this is how all men should behave, right?

This is Ulises.
This is Ulises.

I am not in a dating relationship, and quite honestly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  (I go where I want and eat what I please whenever I desire.  Life is good.) But I think if I ever do want a boyfriend, I’ll have to be more feminine.  Not yawn with my mouth open so wide.  Eat more slowly.  Try to be more finesse with movements.  And not whack things with my insanely full backpack. Or go on super-long, impassioned rants about certain pet peeves.

Because, after all,

Chivalry not dead


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