What’s got me up

Idea credit to my good friend and building neighbor, Derek Jeter.  He often posts mini-essays on facebook discussing some arcane fact of life that we often take for granted and considering the question “What if it weren’t that way?”

So, I decided to write one of these too.  The topic today is…(drumroll please):

Bad restaurant lighting! Argh! I really hate this and I seriously wonder why restaurant managers don’t JUST TURN ON THE STUPID LIGHTS!!!

I’ve been to a couple places in the not-too-distant past, and the lighting was absolutely terrible. Red Lobster in La Jolla, San Diego, deserves only one star, because the lights above our table were so dim, we might as well have been eating in a power outage.  In a sushi place, the lighting was somewhat better, but still very dim.

Seriously, restaurant clientele may include the elderly, and they will have trouble seeing in the dark.  And then, there is a big group of computer professionals with money to spend in restaurants and since they spend their whole day in front of a screen, their eyes are already going to become bad, so why hasten the process by having dark restaurants.  And furthermore! People who already ruined their eyes by reading in the dark when they were little kids also have problems eating in the dark.

That’s all for now!



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