Hallelujah! A whole week of no classes to sleep through! I still have a bit of work to do over the break, such as wrap up the curry project and start the final projects for CHIN 380 and 490, and of course, do the reading for A/ST 306 and answer the comprehension questions, and do some hard-core Korean review work, but OTHER THAN THAT, I’m free to do what I like.

This is what I will do!

  1. I’ll go to San Diego on Saturday with some friends.  I’ve never been there, to my knowledge.
  2. I will go home on Sunday night.
  3. I will practice my violin! I was just invited to play in the orchestra’s final concert!! We will play Verdi’s Requiem.  It’s a long piece, just about an hour.  In all honesty though, requiems are just so sad.  And, when the singers hold the vowels for too long, the word gets lost in a loud chorus of aaaaahhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuuuuu…..Anyway.
  4. Plus, I have graduated from Vivaldi and now I’m back to Bach!
  5. I’m going to apply for a regular part-time job. Hopefully I’ll get paid.  Isn’t that the point of working?
  6. Write posts on the blog using the writing prompt book I got for Christmas.
  7. Hopefully not gain any weight…
  8. Probably going to sweep our kitchen floor.  I’ll bet it hasn’t been done since I came back to school in January.
  9. In that vein, find the hall bathroom very dirty and harangue my sister about it.
  10. Need to do something about getting a new recorder. Or a smartphone with the TE tuning app (aka smiley face tuner).  Or both.  Life is hard without a smartphone. And very hard without the voice recorder that isn’t already full.
  11. Print some pictures. From Costco.
  12. Make sure I’m registered to vote.  Yay!! I’m FINALLY old enough to vote in a presidential election!!! Whooo!!!!  I’ve waited a long time to do this.  However, with the presidential candidates being who they are, it looks like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of choices.
  13. Going back to Yosemite with ISF for the last three days of the break.

As you can see, I shouldn’t be bored.  And if I am, I can find something to read–maybe binge read the Ouran series again.  Or the Paddington books. Again. Or the All-Of-A-Kind family series.  Maybe even the Yotsuba&! series.

Or maybe, I’ll just spend the break making lists.



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