Old habits…

So, for about six months, I’ve been having a bit of a sleeping problem.  Reasons that I thought of were irregularity, stress, bad caffeine management, lack of exercise bad sleep hygiene, having a night-owl roommate, or a combination.  (Actually, for the record, I probably have a “B” in sleep hygiene.  Not too terrible.)

Since I’ve been on winter break, I have a semi-regular schedule.  I haven’t been particularly stressed out about anything. I haven’t had a caffeinated drink in about three weeks.  I take walks on the trail behind our house. The people in my house tend to go to bed before midnight.  And I still end up going to sleep between 1 and 2 AM.  So I was getting kind of worried.

Well, I went to the doctor today to talk about it, and it turns out that actually have a bad habit that is affecting my sleep.  I’ve had this habit since before I started wearing glasses–in fact, I blame this habit for my wearing glasses at all.  I’m pretty certain that’s my longest-running habit ever. (My father disagrees.)  Guess what it is?

I read in bed before I sleep.  Doesn’t everyone? I mean, it’s a nice way to round out the day, and it gives you ideas to use while dreaming.  My doctor, on the other hand, believes that reading stimulates the mind and isn’t a good pre-bed activity.

When she told me “Do not read in bed.  Bed is only for sleeping”, my inner mind was like, “What! You have got to be kidding.”  But all I said was “Oh really? Oh, I see.”

I am absolutely positive it’s going to take more than 21 days to break this habit.


So, what about you? Do you have any bad habits that prevent you from sleeping? Write and tell me in the comments below! (Yeah, this is a vlogger move, but I thought I’d try it for kicks.)

Make sure to read the next installment, which will be whenever I have something interesting to say! (This is also a vlogger move.)


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