The basis of my whole entire life.

With my newly found spare time, I was hoping to re-introduce myself to Korean and Japanese language self-study but I’m tired of always having to start and stop with the self-study, and then forget whatever I learned last, and always have to repeat and review the same things… It just GOES NOWHERE and now it’s kind of not fun anymore. It makes me think I should take a class, but we know how that turned out last time.  I’m sad that I’m tired of my whole life mission.  Maybe I just need a push to get going and to stop complaining.

I really, really want to make excellent use of my time as an “official student”, and since learning more Asian languages to greater fluency will indubitably help me in the long run, this is what I should be doing. But the more I think this way, the less inclination I have to engage in what I formerly deemed “my favorite activity”.  It’s the “obligations curse”–as soon as it becomes required, it becomes a chore.

Oh, whatever.  I’ll finish writing an internship cover letter and then go do some Korean grammar exercises until I find something more interesting to do, since I no longer have any more unfinished drafts to write.

찰자!! 😛


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