My violin needs medical attention! Arrgghh.

So, like I said, I have some spare time.  And by the rapid succession of blog posts, I’ve been blogging.  And I have time to go to the gym!  And attempt to discard unneeded objects from my chronically chaotic bedroom. And eat lunch with other people. And write thank-you notes to my teachers. And make lists. And read the Chinese novel one of my friends sent me from Taiwan several months ago.

I would really like to be playing my violin more, too.  But, as you can see by the title of this post, that’s not happening right now.  So over my winter break, I will:

  1. Have Mr. Jordan re-position the bridge and re-string/tune my instrument.  Some varnish would be nice, too.  And I will go buy another set of replacement strings.  I’m kind of sad about having to re-string the strings because I just did this but due to cold weather and inattentive tuning, it needs to be done again.  And I was too embarrassed to ask my teacher to do it again for me, because it all stemmed from not tuning properly.  I should be able to tune my own violin without problems by now, but I can’t.  It’s like parallel parking for a lot of people–they know how, but they try to avoid it, because the last time, they squashed the car behind them…(I don’t know how to parallel either though)

Continuation of the list of things to do over winter break:

Get some fun acid-lignin free paper and scrapbook some pictures taken this semester. That is, if I can get people to send the pictures to me… (I never take the group pictures, so they are never on my devices.

Try some new recipes!  I like cooking (when I’m not required to do it every day)



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