Academic orgies?

I hope you were not too put off by the title…

I’ve had a lot of group projects this year. I don’t know what I think about group projects.  It seems like when the focus is not working in the group, the group works better.  When I work with my modern Asia group to do research, we have a blast.  When I get together with my group communications peers to put together presentations, it’s torture. I’ve been to what feels like a million group project meetings between these two classes, and I am beginning to dislike meetings just a little bit…

As I headed out from the language lab to my group project meeting on Tuesday afternoon, someone deemed my frequent group project meetings as academic orgies.  I consulted an online dictionary for the true definition of orgy and I don’t know if I’d classify these meetings as such–even though Modern Asia meetings are fun, it wouldn’t be a case of debauchery.  And I’m going to venture to say that researching idiosyncratic historical proofs is nobody’s true hobby-of-choice, so it wasn’t like we were engaging in “unbridled indulgence of passions”. And I’m absolutely certain that the group communication meetings were not “festive” in any way, shape or form.

I was just working with my friend on some last-minute peer review stuff for our thesis papers. We were up really late (of course). I always thought that being up really late was something we do because we wanted to utilize more hours in the day, but maybe secretly college students stay up late writing papers because we “revel” in being awake at “wild” hours as an “esoteric ritual”.  Academic orgy? Your call.

P.S. This is a well-written rambling thoughts post.  Don’t take it too seriously. 😛



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