Why do we say things like

“Out of it”

“On it”

“With it”

“Snap out of it”

What is “it” anyway? Inspiration? Moxie? Mojo? A general feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s current state made evident in body language?  Anyway,

“Keep the moxie and always walk forward.” –From Sodagreen, TW band.(Their songs make me nostalgic for Taiwan)

That’s nice, Sodagreen.  I have found out that I need more in residence upper division units.  This disrupts my plan of being able to study abroad for two consecutive years.  I’ll still be able to take one year and one semester, but just the fact that it’s not what I was expecting is really bugging me.  It’s like the part in “The Gift of Asher Lev” where Asher is asked to further remain in Brooklyn several weeks past his uncle’s funeral, and everyone is giving him very plausible answers.  In the end of the story, he alone sees what he is being asked to do and therefore goes back to Paris.

Asher’s fear was being asked to remain in Crown Heights and relive his childhood and lose his inspiration.  My constant recurring fear is becoming one of those despicable people who graduate and just can’t figure out what they’re doing, so they move back home with their parents and watch television all day.  While this would not exactly be a re-enactment of my childhood, I would most certainly lose all my inspiration.

It certainly seems like I’ve lost inspiration this week.  We could say “I’ve been out of it”.  Due to ennui, burnout, and stress, I have consumed hours of pop culture via the world’s biggest video sharing site. Going to the gym is supposed to be a good stress reliever but it’s so incredibly boring that the very idea of it annoys me and adds to the feeling of ennui. It becomes an obligation.  And therefore, I’ve been to the gym only two or three times in the last couple of months.

I hope I can hurry up, “snap out of it” and find some inspiration soon.  Although Jack London once said that inspiration won’t just come, you have to go after it with a club.  Hopefully over the Thanksgiving break I will get a club, on it, and with it.


2 thoughts on ““It”.

  1. Why don’t you tell yourself that you can only watch pop culture videos while you are on the elliptical machine. This would “kill two birds with one stone.” – it would make mindless TV watching during productive hours “off limits” and it would insure that you go to the gym! I do this – but of course I don’t watch pop culture 🙂 – but I do listen to a modern poetry class on coursera.org. I love to watch the class – so it inspires me to go to the gym.

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