Welcome back!

Happy October everyone! This semester, I’m taking five classes (but only four of them count, since one is a P.E. and there’s no reading).  It’s a lot more manageable than last semester–I don’t know why I took so many units. I really hope I don’t get overzealous about class selections ever again.  Ranking in order from least preferred to most preferred, here are my classes:

5. Group communications.  This is a good experience for me.  I’m learning a lot of practical information. (Read: This is not my favorite class, but I can deal with it.)

4. Ballet. Let’s face it: I was not cut out to be a ballerina. But I get a bit of a workout. And I am now more appreciative of people who dance. 🙂

3.  Modern Asia: I like this class.  I like the professor.  I eat dinner with friendly classmates after class.  I’m learning tons about India and other, lesser-known Asian countries.  The one and only drawback is that the main textbook is a little dry.

2. Karate: A really great workout! Sound mind, sound body! I am always happy at the end of this class.

  1. Senior Research Seminar, aka, THESIS.  I really like this class. It makes me feel really important when I say, “I’m writing a thesis.” And I’ve written research papers before, so it’s not a hugely new thing.  I like this class because it’s only 15 kids, and I am finally getting to know people who are on the same “wavelength.” People who like reading dictionaries, people who travel solo, people who know themselves, people who look beyond the present, people who come to class with their homework completed…(mostly…) And I thought I would feel threatened and competitive if I met potential job competition, but seeing that this room is full of Japanese majors who are primarily interested in the JET program, with the exceptions of the IBT guy and a couple other “truly graduating” Asian studies majors, I’m feeling pretty safe.

So, there we go! I’m having a blast this semester!


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