Spring Break part 1

Worked on research paper with my friend.  However, she is covering a different topic than me, and her progress is enviably quite a bit faster.

The terrifying quantity of available junk on the internet. The mind-numbing monotony of reading books and journal articles that seem to take all the really good thesis and presentation ideas, leaving one wondering what is there left to write about–it’s already been said. The repetitive strands of fragmented myths and scraps of historical evidence that I can’t seem to weave together to create a one-point, cohesive argument–aka, thesis. The ultimate horror, looking at a blank page. The blood-chilling knowledge that this paper counts. It is important. Because it’s for a major class. And I really care about doing well.

I don’t remember any other paper being this hard! Selective amnesia, I guess.

P(Stats is easier)=P(hard math)*P(hard writing)/P(too hard)….

must be getting confused.

But then,

I remember

The joy of finishing

The joy of taking another step closer to accomplishing a long-term goal

The joy of learning more about an interesting topic

And that I wouldn’t want to do anything else.


Start at the beginning
Start at the beginning
Some progress is better than none
Some progress is better than none



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