New Year, New Challenge

Mr. Chan: “You didn’t find a church? Well, you need to do that.”

Mrs. Lancaster: “Join a Bible study. Go to at least the first meeting, just for me.”

So, as you can see, I’ve been issued a challenge for this semester:

1. To develop my own relationship with Christ

2. Find a faith community to nurture that relationship

Having been raised in a “Super-Christian” environment, my own response to God has been rather…ambivalent. Admittedly, I have taken God and his greatness for granted…of course he is a grand being that exists, created the world, sent his son to die, knows everything, answers prayers, loves people on earth…what else is new? This is common knowledge!

More than one person has pointed out to me that this is a cognitive trust relationship with God, which doesn’t really count for anything. God is an emotional being–he wants affective trust. And God wants all the affective trust we have, in addition to all cognitive trust, as well as decision-making and planning power…

Even though God would make infinitely better decisions even though God’s sense of timing is always perfect, even though “man plans and God laughs”, I have a hard time completely handing The Omniscient Creator all decision-making power. Precisely because “man plans and God laughs”.

What if I don’t like God’s plan?

(well, that probably wouldn’t happen, because God designed you to like those things so you can serve him best in those areas….etc, etc…)

And I even have my experiences in Taiwan and Malaysia as proof that God takes care of us, and wants to give his blessings…I don’t know why I keep going in this doubt circle.

And if that’s not enough for me, I have all the stories that our church friend, Mrs. Rose, told me when I took lessons with her. She told me a lot about her own faith walk. And all the stories of my friends, Marisa and Acacia, who have similar backgrounds.

Well, anyway, I will make an attempt to complete the two challenges.

Or should I say, I will allow God to help me attempt to complete the challenges.








One thought on “New Year, New Challenge

  1. Oh I am thrilled to be mentioned in a post! My first! There is one mystery that you haven’t considered as you are contemplating “God’s plans versus our plans.” When we are following God, in a relationship with him as you say, there is something that happens to our “will” our “plans” – they begin to align with God’s – so much so that the Christian can say that the Lord gives a person”the desires of his/her heart.” Psalm 37:4 – Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” You might pursue that which you really really love and have no fear that it is also that which the Lord has for you. As you walk with him, he illumines your path and that path becomes one that you (and he) are thrilled to be on together.

    I’m so intrigued by your thinking Eleanor! Keep it up!


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