Kitchen Sink

My dorm is nice. My roomie’s cool.

At our school we have three pools.

One near the quad. One near the stairs

One in the gym, (but that’s not rare)

Our gym is big, our gym is great,

Rockwall, treadmills, courts—first rate!

Classes, too, in shiny rooms

And hardwood floors remove the gloom

That working out once had for me

I now anticipate with glee!

Hit and sculpting, yoga too,

Don’t forget the Zumba crew,

Butts and guts—you’ll break a sweat

“Down and give me thirty reps!”

When I’m done, I’ll go eat

Every meal is a feast!

We have veggies, carbs and fruit,

Meat and dairy, healthy boost!



Now I’m off to class to learn

Our country’s fairly young sojurn

From Washington and Adams to

Jackson, Polk, and Tippecanoe,

Professor Lawler is his name

Engaging lectures are his game

Re-tells from different points-of-view

And Table Three—we’re a crew

Logan, Andy, Austin, San

Cristina, Jensen, Allie and

I make eight at Table 3

Classmates, no—we’re family


Poly-Sci is also sweet

Dr. Haas is really neat!

Congress, Framers, and Elections

She will give us good directions

Why all the people really suck

Answer simple: It’s a muck!

Of money minus careful thought

Of legislative pork—a lot

Despite it all, she always grins

And tells great stories, on a whim

Americans are pretty weird

But in July we all still cheer.


Math, surprisingly, is fun

Mrs. Moule should be the one

To win Professor of the Year

Her teaching style is very clear

Exponentials, logarithms,

Compound interest, depth of prisms

Horizontal asymptotes,

Now understanding this promotes

Me to take another class

Stat and precalc, both a blast!

Had you asked me this before

I would have cried and begged “no more!”

It shows the best of friendship’s power

“Finance major” made me cower

No more, as they have transferred great

Number skills, at sublime rates!



And student life is not complete

Without a club, this is the treat

Mock UN is really cool

We debate outside the school

Immigration, microcredit

Drones and warfare, come, let’s edit

Draft Res doc 1-3

Sub-clause sections a and b

Merge with other working papers

Make a speech and sign for favors

Voting block! Lock all doors

Acclimation? Nah, that bores

Signatories all vote yes

If that’s true it passed the test

Resolution 1-3

Relieved we all clap heartily.


Even though I still complain

Of lit and chem, oh, the bane

Of my life, they’re but a part

Of something big and great, the art

Of learning, training how to think

So make my mind the kitchen sink.


–Eleanor Xiafei Chin


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