Omani cultural event!

Oman is a country in the middle east, touching Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The capital is Muscat. The national language is Arabic.

I went to a cultural event to celebrate the Omani New Year–(Nov. 18). It was really cool! I didn’t get to take any pictures–sorry! The pictures I’m going to attach so that you can see the traditional clothes are taken from the internet.

It was a semi-formal event put on by the Omani Students Association–Long Beach has a sizeable Omani demographic–and they were all wearing traditional clothes–long white robes for guys, colorful skirts or pants for girls, with the ultimate accent piece–the head wrap.

We were welcomed inside, and watched a short film about the Omani students association, then we watched a live skit showing traditional hospitality practices, then someone sang the call to prayer in Arabic, then, a group of the Omani hosts performed a traditional dance–I think it was supposed to represent the rhythm of fishing, because they had a screen background of running water, and the song they danced to was very rhythmic, chanting in time to a drum, while they made motions as if rowing a boat.

And then, we watched a children’s game–Hool Hool–similar to the dreidel game, where little kids get a bunch of things to eat.

And then we watched another short film about how Omani people around the world preserve their culture by gathering with others and raising awareness of their country. The film featured a student in Australia, studying abroad on scholarship, with plans to return to Oman. It was about how he celebrated Omani New Year in Australia.

It was very interesting! And at the end, we ate rice pilaf, lamb, and salad with cilantro and lime and cucumber.

This pic doesn't show a sash--most of the people were wearing a red/green sash and a scarf with the flag on it.
This pic doesn’t show a sash–most of the people were wearing a red/green sash and a scarf with the flag on it.
Female traditional dress--it's more sparkly!! :D
Female traditional dress–it’s more sparkly!! 😀
Like this w/ out the sword
Like this w/ out the sword

flag of oman


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