So, I will now more fully discuss the club I joined. (since I talked about it in the last post).

I joined the Model UN. We research global issues and pretend to be delegates of countries and go to conferences to debate current int’l events…it’s intense. My first conference was about drones. My second was on migration and development. Sometimes there are even the different committees. The General Assembly is standard–all conferences have that. Then, at bigger ones, there’s Security Council, UN Economic and Social Council, World Food Program, Crisis Committees, Task Force….

It is very enlightening and informative.

My first conference about drones was small, at University of La Verne, a research school, very small, in west LA. I was the delegate of Vietnam. I learned a lot about drones…In a nutshell, the question was between supporting drones or not supporting drones, and quite frankly, the arguments for both sides were really, really difficult to follow, because they were all both tied to some of the same themes. For instance, human rights.

Pro-drone arguments:

1. By #’s, drones kill fewer people, and death is not drawn out. It’s over instantly.

2. Drones protect weaker nations from invasions/wars by bigger countries, therefore, no prisoners will be taken and tortured.

Anti-drone arguments:

1. Drones are machines that cannot distinguish between civilians and troops. Therefore, entrusting warfare to a machine is un-ethical.

2. Drones take away damaging psychological effects of warfare. Therefore, wars will become more common.

These are the only arguments that I still remember and comprehend more completely.

The end goal of these conferences is to write resolutions that make suggestions as to how to solve/go about solving the issue. So we have to get in groups, and combine knowledge/preferences/desires into ONE COHESIVE PAPER. Sometimes we end up working in regional groups–(ASEAN, African Union, BRIC, EU, etc., etc.,) and sometimes not. When we are not it is more difficult, because good things for Argentina do not always translate to good things for Vietnam. You get it.

There’s a Model UN subculture, too. I’ll discuss that and my second conference in the next post.

Stay tuned! 🙂



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