Culture 1

My second conference was on migration and development. I played Singapore. This was UC Santa Barbara Intercollegiate MUN–one of the biggest annual MUN conferences in S. California.

It’s a three-day conference: Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

This is the one with all the committees I talked about.

This is the one where the subculture became more apparent to me.

I think I should introduce you to how this works though, before I tell you about the subculture. Hence, this is Culture 1.

Before the conference, you’re given the country/committee assignment, and the topics. You will get more than one topic–sometimes two, sometimes three. In my case, (GA), I had two. You have to research both topics and write a quick little “position paper” summing up your country’s view on the issue and what you plan to do about it. But you’re only going to talk about one. For three days, you debate ONE issue. (Granted, however, these issues are very big. The second topic was on microfinance and development.)

Here’s a quick glimpse of a standard conference:

1. Arrival, roll call.

2. Set agenda (pick Topic 1 or Topic 2 to debate), open debate

3. Open speaker list.

4. Approximately five to seven delegates speak

5. Un-mod caucus: Run around room finding like minded countries to make a working paper

6. More speakers–three to five

7. Un-mod caucus: Re-join the group: it may lose or gain a few members at this point.

8. More speakers

9. Un-mod caucus: Now you will have the beginnings of the resolution

(Working) LUNCH!!! (Extension of Un-mod caucus, have a working paper in its intermediate stages)

10. Speakers–three to five

11. Un-mod caucus: Wrap up working paper, send to chair (chair=ref/teacher)

12. Speakers or Mod Caucus: (Mod caucus=speak to a specific topic, generally working papers. Speakers can just talk about the issue at large)

13. Repeat cycle of Un-mod caucus and speakers/mod caucus for another 2 hours

At this point, you’ll be doing some serious edits to the paper to make it a draft resolution during the un-mods, and looking at other people’s papers to see whether you like them or not–(and if not, why not). And then, when it finally becomes a draft resolution,

14. Voting block. Vote for the draft resolutions you like.

When they pass, yay! It’s over. Mission accomplished.

Subculture lies in the making of the speakers list.



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