Comparison between here and MCU

A few Striking Differences:

Clothes and fashion: People here unabashedly show skin! Lots! It’s probably just part of student culture, but still, at MCU, people tend to wear casual conservative, or dress casual. I could say its because of the weather, but Taiwan in August-October is hotter than here. Also, university apparel tends to just say “Cal State Long Beach” or “Long Beach State University” etc. etc., but university apparel at MCU (if people wore it) tended to be “major specific”–the business school had their polos, and the finance/insurance people had t-shirts in different colors, and the communications majors had their shirts too, but broad “MCU” stuff wasn’t common.

Dorming: You can see the pics. They’re self-explainatory.

Athletics: Varsity, club, intramural…it’s very pronounced here. Advertising is very…noticeable. Homecoming Basketball Game!! was advertised for about a week and a half before it happened. Posters and flyers every 50 feet or so…I know that MCU does have a cheer squad, and it does have sport teams, but their presence isn’t as prevailing–you’d have to be more within that athletic circle to know about competitions et cetera.

School structure: Long Beach: Short class, lots of outside prep, and no ranking. Vs. MCU: long classes, less required outside work, and ranking.

I could probably ramble on about this one, and compare it all to being homeschooled,  but my thoughts and reactions to this difference are not coherent enough yet to have any reasonable conclusion. Therefore:

Extracurricular activities:  At MCU, after the club expo, (yes, there was a club expo) you have to be in something to know about anything (or know someone in something).  Here, there are constantly flyers and posters from all types of groups, for an amazing diversity of events. Lucky me, I’ve been in student orgs on both sides!!!! For extracurric, Long Beach has more to offer.

Library : This one is more school-specific, but still, it’s something to think about. MCU has newer books and newer computers–it is a younger school, (1957) vs. CSULB (1949) and has a more compact feel. There are more individual desks and fewer larger tables. The circulation desk is shaped like a Blokus piece. 8 times in 10,  I know who’s going to be at the desk depending on when I go in.  I understand  the layout pretty well, and could find what I wanted by myself most of the time.

That being said, Long Beach has 6 floors, is very big, has a more extensive collection on a lot of different liberal arts stuff, within those collections, the books tend to be old, Long Beach has LINK+, there are a lot of group work tables, and there’s a children’s section.  It’s really big. I can browse for a long time and still have no idea what is where.

Teacher-style: My Chinese teacher in TW was a good teacher. She was really nice. Sometimes though, I would want to know what she as a person thought about some things, and she would just say, “Oh, it is. Because it is.” My teachers here are more “readable” in that regard–if I ask for their opinion, I’ll get it.

Food and how it is consumed: Since I live at school, I eat at the café, which means I only eat breakfast. lunch, and dinner at designated times. I’ve finally gotten used to that (somewhat-ish), but in Taiwan, I could eat almost anything I wanted at any time of day. I miss that. I also miss some of the different veggie dishes available. Normally for vegetables we have salad. Or steamed frozen things.



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